Many years ago while I was the assistant pastor here at Heartland Baptist Church the pastor, who was struggling to find Sunday School material,  asked me to write a Sunday School lessons. He was trying to find a way through a difficult financial time that our church was experiencing, to still get material for the Sunday School program. I wrote a couple of lessons, and he decided that this would be sufficient for our Sunday School. As I wrote these lessons, I asked God to help me make them practical for the Christian. As a “smaller church” pastor over fourteen years, I realize the difficulty that we have deciding where to spend our money. The material that is printed is expensive when you are on a limited budget. The Lord has burdened my heart to make available to everyone the lessons He has led me to write over the years. My prayer in this endeavor is for these to be a blessing to the teacher and the pupil involved. These will be put onto our website as a PDF which, we are working with the wordtree for our marketing, I believe, is user friendly, and for people which can open PDF files, they can use software as Soda PDF to help with this. I do not intend to seek any royalties and I do give my permission for these to be used for the glory of God. I never claim to be a great writer and realize that typos may happen. Please, forgive those that and use these as the Lord allows. These lessons are neither exhaustive nor “deep” the purpose is that they be practical while educational to all ages. Use them as God allows and may God Bless.

Pastor Dusty Ray

The Life of Christ

I. Introduction to the Gospels

II. Important Characters in Christ’s Birth

III. The Birth of Christ

IV. Jesus’ Early Life