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Here you can find the latest news and events regarding our Baptist church.

We make fundraising and food events in almost a monthly basis to promote our church and to help kids in need. Making events is daunting for many people but with he right tools and strategy it is so worth the time and effort.

We have been blessed with the help of many to make happen everything we have been able to do, we are even working with a digital marketing agency, you can visit to find more about them and look for the help you need. Thanks to them we have been able to expand our events and to get to more peoples hearts to join us in our special events. Before we start we always make sure of what are our goal for each event, to have everything under control, and set in advance.

Each time there are more people aware of what is happening in the world and in our religion. Thanks to this so many have come to us to offer help and sponsorship many of this events. We will be improving our website soon to make a comment section where you can communicate privately with us and have a more reachable way to get to us and for us to get to you.



WELL NUTS!   IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!!!! Time to Weigh in! Come running, jumping or hopping to join in on the 1st session in 2016 of the ‘WEIGH BETTER FOR GOD’ program at Heartland Baptist Church.  Absolutely NO grumbling, complaining,excuses nor otherwise bad behavior. Bring your goals and determination to hang out with the rest of […]

February Bible Reading 2016

bible reading

February Bible Reading 2016 February 1 Exodus 15-17 “God’s deliverance is reason enough for a song (Exodus 15:1); make sure it doesn’t turn into murmuring (16:2) and chiding (17:2). Don’t forget the deliverance; provision for the journey and victory over the enemy are available for the asking (16:13-14; 17:6, 8-13).” February 2 Exodus 18-20 “Israel […]

January Bible Reading 2016

bible reading

 January Bible Reading 2016 January 1 Genesis 1-2 Matthew 1 Psalm 1 “The Bible opens with four words that resolve any difficulty of life. Jewish genealogies were destroyed with the Temple; only Jesus can prove His right to the Jewish throne by descent (Matt. 1:1-17). Delight in God’s Word is required for bearing fruit (Ps. […]

Comfort Ye Ministry Lives on after Founder Retires


Comfort Ye Ministry Lives on after the Founder Retires (Recently printed in the Rutherford Reader February 5-11 Edition) The founder of the Comfort Ye Ministries has asked that she not be named in this story for she wants the Glory to go to God and he alone. I will endeavor to honor her request but […]