DailyWalkHBC January Bible Reading 2016

January 1

Genesis 1-2

Matthew 1

Psalm 1

“The Bible opens with four words that resolve any difficulty of life.

Jewish genealogies were destroyed with the Temple; only Jesus can prove His right to the Jewish throne by descent (Matt. 1:1-17).

Delight in God’s Word is required for bearing fruit (Ps. 1:2-3).”

January 2

Genesis 3-4

Matthew 2

Psalm 2

“The sins of parents (Gen. 3) bear bitter fruit in their children (chapt. 4).

In one chapter (Matt. 2), Christ’s birth fulfilled at least four prophecies.

It’s vain to think you can wrest control from God (Ps. 2:1-3); His Son will reign as King (vss. 6-8).”

January 3

Genesis 5-7

Matthew 3

Psalm 3

“Regardless how long one lives (Gen. 5:27), it is still appointed unto men to die. (Heb. 9:27).

Jesus did no wrong (Heb. 4:15) but all that was right (Matt. 3:15).

The world sees no help from God, but He is our shield (Ps. 3:2 -3).”

January 4

Genesis 8-10

Matthew 4

Even the Flood was followed by a rainbow. How bad is your storm?

Jesus defeated temptation with the Word. Reading the Bible will pay off.”

January 5

Genesis 11-12

Matthew 5

“The whole world united against God, but a brief intervention thwarted their plans. It will be no different today. If Jesus says something different from what you’ve heard from “”them of old time,”” believe Him.”

January 6

Genesis 13-16

Psalm 4

“Lot spent too much time looking at Sodom (Gen. 13:10-12) and wound up in the middle of it. Don’t get too interested in what the world is doing.

Along with your Bible reading, don’t forget some meditation (Psalm 4:4).”

January 7

Genesis 17-18

Matthew 6

“Nothing is too hard for the Lord (Gen. 18:14), so don’t be afraid to pray for bigger and bigger things (verses 23-32).

Your heart will be where your treasure is; make sure your treasure is where your heart needs to be (Matthew 6:19-21).”

January 8

Genesis 19-20

Matthew 7

“When Abraham looked toward Sodom, he saw where rebellion against God inevitably leads (Genesis 19:27-28).

The best-built building in the world is a death trap on the wrong foundation (Matthew 7:24-27).”

January 9

Genesis 21-23

“God can call upon us for some great sacrifices (Genesis 22:1-2), but remember two things:

  1. God provides what He asks us to give (verses 8, 13).
  2. No sacrifice is as big as the one He made for us (John 3:16).”

January 10

Genesis 24

Psalm 5

“The Servant in the Godhead is in the far country seeking a bride for the Son (Genesis 24). It was her choice to go (verse 58). Have you said yes? Before coming face to face with her groom, the bride made sure she was prepared to meet him (verse 65). Are you ready if Jesus should come today?

Did God hear your voice this morning (Psalm 5:3)?”


January 11

Genesis 25-26

Matthew 8

“The church today needs to redig some of wells the fathers dug that have been stopped up by the world (Genesis 26:18). This includes wells like prayer, sacrifice, separation, etc.

The leper came to Jesus (Matt. 8:2); He went to Peter’s mother (vs. 14); He never met the servant (vs. 8). All were healed. Circumstances do not limit Christ.”

January 12

Genesis 27

Matthew 9″

“Esau attached little value to his birthright and sold it for little (Genesis 25). When he realized its value, getting it back was not an option (27:33). Don’t despise the blessings of God!

Laborers-one item that should be on everyone’s prayer list (Matt. 9:37-38).”

January 13

Genesis 28-29

Matthew 10

“Jacob’s bargaining with God (Genesis 28:20-21) led to twenty years of unhappiness. When he simply surrendered (chapter 32), he became God’s prince.

A disciple who complains of treatment like that which Jesus received doesn’t understand a servant’s role or a disciple’s relationship (Matt. 10:24-25).”


January 14

Genesis 30

Matthew 11

Psalm 6

“It wasn’t Rachel’s manipulations but God’s memory that cured Rachel’s barrenness (Genesis 30:22).

Jesus not only knows what has happened, is happening, and will happen; He also knows what would have happened under different circumstances (Matt. 11:21-24).

God hears and understands the language of tears. (Psalm 6:6-8).”

January 15

Genesis 31

Psalms 7-8″

“Aren’t you glad your don’t have a God who can be stolen (Genesis 32:30)?

Two verses say God’s name is excellent (Psalm 8:1, 9). The verses between list reasons why.”

January 16

Genesis 32

Matthew 12

Psalm 9

“Jacob gained the spiritual blessing from God, but he paid a physical price his whole life (Genesis 32:31). There can be a cost.

What we don’t know about the Bible will make us do things that are wrong (Matt. 12:3-7). Read the Bible!

In the end, all injustice will righted (Ps. 9:15-16), because the final judge can do nothing unjust (vs. 8).”

January 17

Genesis 33

Matthew 13

Psalm 10

“Jacob stopped short of going all the way home (Genesis 33:18-19). The next chapter shows the cost to his family. Erecting an altar doesn’t make up for disobedience.

The condition of the heart will be determined by what we are willing to hear and see from God (Matt. 13:15).

The main problem with the wicked is pride (Psalm 10:2-4).”

January 18

Genesis 34-36

“Jacob had put away his conniving ways in Genesis 32, but in chapter 34 we see that they had rubbed off on his sons. They were saved only by putting away strange gods and getting back to where Jacob has met with God years before (35:1-5). Spend all the time you can in the places where God has met with you.

January 19

Genesis 37-38

Psalms 11-12″

“Jacob had deceived his father with the skin of a kid (Genesis 27:16). Now his sons used the blood of a kid to deceive him (37:31-33). “”Whatsoever a man soweth…”” even if the harvest comes in years later.

One trusting the Lord need not flee (Ps. 11:1)”

January 20

Genesis 39-40

Matthew 14

Psalm 13″

“Before being exalted, Joseph went down and further down (Gen. 39-40). True at the lowest point, he was trustworthy at the highest.

From high above Jesus prays for you and has a good view of your storm. When needed, He comes; and He is never late (Matt. 14:23-25)!

If you’ve ever felt like God has forgotten you, then you are in good company (Ps. 13:1). David trusted His mercy (vs. 5); you can too.”

January 21

Genesis 41

Matthew 15″

“A Spirit-filled man stands out even to the world (Gen. 41:38). Pharaoh had no one like that so in crisis he turned to God’s man (vs. 39-40).

Having recently seen Jesus feed 5,000, the disciples now doubt He can feed 4,000 (Matt. 15:33). How soon we forget His greatest works for us.”

January 22

Genesis 42-43

Psalms 14-15″”Joseph’s proud brothers didn’t like his dreams, but when they got hungry, they didn’t have such a hard time bowing down to him.

Abiding in God’s tabernacle (Ps. 15:1) involves our walk, work, and word (vs. 2). Such a person is unmovable (vs. 5).”

January 23

Genesis 44-45

Matthew 16

“Being able to see God’s hand in it, Joseph was patient in his humiliation (Genesis 45:7-8). Try to see God’s purpose in your troubles.

There’s no profit in gaining the whole world and losing the soul (Matt. 16:26) but much profit in giving up the world for His reward (vs. 27).”


January 24

Genesis 46-47

Matthew 17

“Egypt provided for God’s people for a time, but it didn’t flow with milk and honey like Canaan. Don’t get satisfied with what this world gives. God has a Promised Land with blessings this world doesn’t know.

If your faith is like a mustard seed, it can move a mountain (Matt. 17:20); but it should also grow (13:31-32). How could God use it then?”


January 25

Genesis 48-50

“Joseph’s brothers meant evil, but God’s plan was for ultimate good. Only Joseph’s patient submission made it possible for the plan to be fulfilled. Seeking revenge can cost you the blessing God was trying to bestow on you and those close to you.”

January 26

Exodus 1-3

“Pharaoh’s daughter was perhaps the only person who could have saved Moses. Only a sealed ark could keep him from drowning. Only the flags could keep him from floating away before she found him. God can work out every detail to deliver us, even when the case seems hopeless.”

January 27

Exodus 4-6

“The world has adopted Pharaoh’s attitude of Exodus 5:2. The Tribulation Period will reveal to them who God is, just as God’s judgment revealed that to Pharaoh.”

January 28

Exodus 7-8

Psalm 16-17

“Pharaoh wasn’t hardened so he would be lost but so he wouldn’t give in before God’s wonders were revealed. They were to show the Egyptians and Israel’s children who God was (Exodus 7:3-5; 9:14-16; 10:1-2).

If the Lord is the portion of your inheritance, that’s a good heritage (Psalm 16:5-6)!”

January 29

Exodus 9-11                       ”

“God can shelter His people in the midst of judgment (Exodus 9:23-26). “”The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment”” (II Peter 2:9). ”

January 30

Exodus 12-13

“The blood of the Passover being shed creates the potential for salvation, and this salvation is available to all (Exodus 12:49). But only when the blood is applied is deliverance realized (verses 7 and 13 ). Have you personally received Christ as your Savior?”

January 31

Exodus 14

Psalm 18

“Stand still to see the salvation of the Lord (Exodus 14:13). You can’t run fast enough to save yourself anyway.

If you don’t think God is treating you good enough, maybe you should treat Him better. He will respond in kind (Psalm 1 8:25-26).”


Notations and thoughts by Terry Frala