Comfort Ye Ministry

Lives on after the Founder Retires

(Recently printed in the Rutherford Reader February 5-11 Edition)

Dusty and Sandra with Sign A

The founder of the Comfort Ye Ministries has asked that she not be named in this story for she wants the Glory to go to God and he alone. I will endeavor to honor her request but I must state that it is most difficult to speak about the Comfort Ye Ministry and not mention the two individuals that were used by God to begin this wonderful organization.

Over eighteen years ago a gentle and thoughtful little woman had a seed planted in her conscience which grew into a significant and heartfelt concern for others. That concern was over inability of many of the communities infirm and less fortunate residents to obtain many of the medical supplies and medical equipment they so badly needed.

She was well aware this seed came from the Holy Spirit and as she prayed and pondered that small voice, she discussed it with her husband. Shortly thereafter she and her husband began what has come to be known as the Comfort Ye Ministries.

Comfort Ye Ministries is located at the Heartland Baptist Church at 307 East Jefferson Pike in Walter Hill near the Biggest Sport Betting Site Judi OnLine Terbaik SBOBET. In 2004 the members of Heartland Baptist church voted to assist the ministry in any way that was needed to assure it continued to grow and prosper. Since that time many members of the church and the surrounding community have assisted with the ministry with labors of love and financial support. While located at the church, this ministry is financially independent from the church and is completely self supporting from donations of materials and offerings from the community.

Beginning as a very small operation that initially provided minor medical supplies and equipment the ministry quickly expanded into supplying the more complex and expensive medical hardware needed by so many. Comfort Ye, while still a small entity in its size has grown into a mighty instrument of God to provide those needing assistance not only with the personal physical needs if available but also the word, that God instructs us all to share.

Late last year the founder of the Comfort Ye Ministry felt the Lord was letting her know it was time for her to rest. She decided to retire in December. Needless to say, she and Pastor (Dusty) Ray were naturally concerned about the future of the ministry. That concern was prevalent throughout the congregation and  since the word spread of her retirement many have called to ask the status of the ministry having heard that it is no longer in operation.

The greatest news is, The Comfort Ye Ministry lives today and it will continue to grow and provide for those in need of the assistance it offers. Following her retirement the founder says that she rests comfortably knowing the ministry is in the hands of and is still being led by the Lord through new capable and willing hands just as just as it has done for nearly 2 decades.

Dusty and Sandra at Medical Supplies A

It provides equipment included but not limited to Wheel Chairs, Walkers, Hospital Beds, Bedside Commodes, Reachers, Canes, Chair Lifts, Crutches, Arm Slings, and Splints.

The Comfort Ye Ministry also helps families with a food pantry, providing limited groceries and toiletries when they are in stock. Those items include bit are not limited to the following: Hand Lotion, Rubbing Alcohol, Peroxide, Shampoo, Mouth Wash, Facial Soap, as well as caned, frozen, and perishable food along with many other items.

Pastor Ray says, “We are confident that the Lord has entrusted us with His ministry and we will endeavor to provide continued service to the community as the ministry has done for so very many years. We want to modernize the operation of the Comfort Ye Ministry and computerize the accounting and inventory tracking procedures to assure that we can readily find specific items when the need arises. We will be looking to get a dedicated telephone line for the ministry as well as to put in place new signage do that those in need will know we are still here for them.” Pastor Ray also says that there will be someone on call to respond to the needs of the community in a timely manner.

Pastor Ray also asks that those that care about this ministry to “please spread the word that we are still here and we still need your support and prayers”.

Under the leadership of its founder the Comfort Ye Ministry has been a blessing to literally thousands of families throughout the Rutherford, Wilson, and Cannon Counties. It is comforting to know that they will continue to be here for years to come with the continued support of the loving benefactors that have been supporting this ministry for so many years.

You may contact the Comfort Ye Ministry at 615-890-3834. The hours of operation and alternate means of contacting the ministry for help or for making a contribution can be found at the website for Heartland Baptist Church at that we try promote using different services for this, since there are marketing companies at sites like that really help with this.

If you wish to be a corporate benefactor please contact Pastor Dusty Ray at the number listed above or via email at Contact Us.

by George Erdel – Comfort Ye Ministry Media Coordinator